Top 5 Silver Power Rangers of All Time #shorts

In every Power Rangers season, there’s at least one special Ranger who joins the fray. I’ve ranked these Silver Rangers based on power and ability and just simply who I think are the best in their squad.

Every Power Rangers season begins with a core group of young heroes that learn to use their abilities and fight evil. As the evil they’re up against grows stronger, things change, and there comes a point where even the most heroic of Rangers need a little help. In nearly every season of the long-running series, that help has come in the form of a special Power Ranger, one who came by their abilities in a very different way.

In fifth place I have Gemma from Power Rangers RPM.
Power Rangers: RPM is one of the most interesting seasons from a creative standpoint. The series allowed this particular incarnation to take place in an alternate dimension, and it took a lot of risks compared to other incarnations of the series. Fans loved the new creative direction, but there wasn’t a ton of love for twins Gem (Mike Ginn) and Gemma (Li Ming Hu).

Gem and Gemma might be two separate Rangers, but they appear together on the list because they’re almost never seen apart. The two are highly intelligent, but lack social skills and understanding of teamwork.

Fourth place goes to Merrick from Power Rangers Wild Force.
In one of the more interesting origin stories for a Power Ranger, Merrick (Philip Andrew) was, like Udonna and Leanbow, a Ranger in his younger days. Merrick, however, was also defeated in his youth and cursed by his attachment to the Lunar Wolf’s powers, disappearing for years until a new threat emerged.

Merrick’s story is first presented as a man who becomes a wolf-like monster during the full moon, borrowing from the story of werewolves to explain his curse. It’s definitely one of the more fun and unusual tales the series has used in its time, and that’s part of the reason he gets ranked a little higher than you might have expected.

In third place I have Zhane from Power Rangers in Space.
Zhane was the Silver Space Ranger long before any of the other Space Rangers were recruited. Alongside his best friend and current Red Space Ranger, Andros, Zhane battled the forces of Dark Specter on the planet KO-35. During a battle, Zhane saved Andros’ life, taking the full brunt of an attack. Andros placed Zhane in a stasis chamber to preserve his life.

During the events of Power Rangers In Space, Zhane awakens to find Andros leading a new team of Space Rangers. Zhane dons his Silver Ranger costume and defeats Ecliptor singlehandedly, proving his Silver Ranger abilities make him about as powerful as the other five Rangers combined.

Second place has to go to Ryan from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.
Like the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger before him, Ryan Mitchell’s Titanium Ranger acted as a main antagonist for the Lightspeed Rangers before eventually joining their team. Ryan’s father, Captain Mitchell, made a deal with Diabolico after he and his family suffered a car crash. Diabolico would save Ryan’s life, raising Ryan as his own.

Ryan was raised to hate his father and the Power Rangers. As the Titanium Ranger, Ryan nearly defeated the Rangers before being convinced by the love of his father and sister, Dana (the Pink Ranger), to join their side. Ryan became the sixth member of the Lightspeed Rangers, betraying Diabolico and ultimately aiding in his destruction.

First place is not debatable and that goes to Orion from Power Rangers Megaforce.
The Super Megaforce Rangers possess the incredible ability to replicate the powers of past Rangers who share their color. For example, the Red Super Megaforce Ranger can call upon the powers of any Red Ranger from the previous Power Ranger series. What makes Super Megaforce’s Silver Ranger so special is that he can replicate the powers of all former sixth Ranger members, including Ninja Storm’s Green Samurai Ranger, Mighty Morphin’s White Ranger, S.P.D.’s Omega Ranger, and more.

Orion travels from the planet Andresia, where he obtained the sixth Ranger Key. He crash-lands on Earth and joins the Megaforce. Having access to the powers of all sixth Rangers before him, Orion is one of the strongest, most versatile Power Rangers of all time.

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The Top 5 Yellow Power Rangers of All Time #shorts

The life of a Power Ranger comes with its challenges. Especially the Yellow Rangers who every team always needs one of them. These heroes are mostly the funny ones of the series but also are tasked with supporting their friends, living a double life, battling off weekly incursions from extradimensional invaders, and coordinating a giant robot’s punches and kicks as they battle against equally giant monsters.

Here’s my personal Top 5 Yellow Rangers.

Fifth place goes to Maya from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

Growing up on the planet Mirinoi, Maya (Cerina Vincent) knew the legend of the quasar sabers, and had even tried to pull one from the stone, but was unable to. It took her accidentally running through a wormhole and finding help when her people were attacked before the quasar sabers responded to her and those who would become the Galaxy Rangers. Maya had to leave Mirinoi behind when her entire planet was turned to stone in the following battle.

Though Maya was happy climbing trees and communing with animals, she had never lived in an advanced community; certainly not one as high-tech as the space colony ship Terra Venture, anyway. Not only was she forced to learn just what it meant to be a Power Ranger, but how to fit into a society that she knew nothing about. Maya’s ability to talk to animals came in handy for the group, as they had no mentor and had to discover their zords on their own, which were living creatures this time around instead of simply robots.

Of course, her entire time with the Power Rangers was spent so that she could find a way back home to Mirinoi and save her people. That said, she committed to the team as they all eventually wind up on the same planet, and she even traveled to Earth to help the Power Rangers in the next season.

Fourth place goes to Chip from Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Like Dustin in Ninja Storm before him, Chip (Nic Sampson) was a lover of the magical and the mystical long before he found out he was going to be a Power Ranger. Though in this case, Chip wasn’t a fan of the Power Rangers specifically, but of fairy tales and magical beings. Finding out he was a Power Ranger who could use magic was exactly the kind of news Chip was looking for.

Third place goes to Dustin from Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

As the first core team male Yellow Ranger, as Alien Rangers are considered secondary Rangers, Dustin Brooks was the first Power Ranger to be a Power Ranger fanboy. As the comic book nerd of the group, Dustin even leads the Rangers in their first morph, correctly being able to demonstrate the Ranger Call for his team.

Dustin also serves as a powerful member of the team, even if he is consciously less intelligent than those around him. He has a big heart and fills a lot of nerdy fans’ positions in seeing themselves on screen.

Second place goes to Kira from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

Kira Ford is a grunge queen that was instantly relatable for viewers of all ages during her introduction in Dino Thunder. She perfectly fits the “teenagers with attitude” vibe that the show tried to achieve whenever the cast was made of younger members.

As a Ranger, Kira proved herself both capable and powerful. Her Ptera Scream is a weapon unparalleled by any other ranger’s inherent power outside the suit in terms of defense, offense, and utility. While she didn’t receive nearly enough solo time, her focus episodes always had fans hooked.

The number one spot goes to Taylor from Power Rangers Wild Force.

The first-ever Yellow Ranger to lead a team, Taylor Earhardt was the Yellow Ranger of the Wild Force team. Starting from a young age, Taylor had a connection with the Animarium, the floating island base of the Rangers, before eventually arriving at it during a mission with the Air Force. Additionally, for a time, she served as the only Ranger before more team members joined.

Taylor is an incredibly notable and respected Ranger among all previous Rangers due to her leadership skills, military history, and dedicated rivalry with a powerful foe. She even created a Ranger Rulebook to help guide the future Rangers, which not even Tommy did.

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Top 5 Red Power Rangers Of All Time #shorts

The life of a Power Ranger comes with its challenges. These heroes have to support their friends, live a double life, battle off weekly incursions from extradimensional invaders, and coordinate a giant robot’s punches and kicks as they battle against equally giant monsters.

Fifth place goes to Jack from Power Rangers SPD.
I wish I liked Jack better. There’s a lot going for his character, especially his ultimate decision to give up being a Ranger in favor of helping the poor. However his track record of being a Red Ranger… isn’t great. His worst moment was that time he thought it was better to hang out with a girl he had just met than saving the universe. Come on, man!

In fourth place, I have Andros from the Power Rangers in Space.
Who escaped Divatox, Lord Zedd, and Rita Repulsa? Andros. Even more impressive, this feat was part of Andros’s introduction to the show, instantly cementing his place as one of the most interesting Red Rangers in franchise history.

A fantastic combatant who led the Rangers to victory against deadly foes like the Psycho Rangers, Andros is also petty, short-sighted, and sometimes too distracted by the childhood trauma of his sister’s kidnapping to fulfill his duties properly. Though these weaknesses compromise his ability to lead, they also make Andros a far deeper Red Ranger than many in the franchise, and one of the most interesting Rangers overall.

Third place goes to Conner McKnight as the Red Dino Thunder Ranger.
Conner McKnight was neither the best team leader of his season, given that Tommy was at the reins. Nor was he a good or likable person when he first appeared, being sexist towards Kira and generally kind of a jerk.

The upside to this bad beginning, and the reason that Conner should count amongst the greatest Reds, is that Conner changed. He realized the error of his ways, made amends where could, and even opened up a series of soccer camps for others since he couldn’t fulfill his own dream of soccer stardom. Given that many Rangers change little, let alone to the extent that Conner did, McKnight’s transformation is a notable and necessary arc. Conner might not be coming to any feature films, but his contribution to Dino Thunder was immense.

Second place goes to Jason Scott from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The first Red Ranger of the modern era, Jason Lee Scott may also be the greatest Red Ranger of all time. As one of Zordon’s chosen warriors against Rita Repulsa, Jason served exactly as a leader should. He provided sound counsel when it was needed, remained a stalwart friend through difficult times, and held more than his own in battles against the enemy.

Though his time as a Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers may have been brief, Jason used every moment of it to elevate the position of Red to the difficult and noble role that fans still associate it with to this day.

In first place I have Tommy Oliver as the Red Zeo Ranger.
As the Red Ranger on not one but two different teams (Zeo and Turbo), Tommy Oliver has one of the most distinguished Ranger careers. Tommy may understand the demands of the position better than anyone. Thanks to his guidance, the Rangers in Zeo became one of the strongest teams in franchise history.

While some may feel that his character appears a little too often in series lore, it’s hard to deny that whenever he appears, the story is better for it. Setting aside an evil alternate Tommy in the comics, Tommy Oliver’s loyalty to his friends and their mission has never wavered, and it shows. Given all this, it’s unsurprising Tommy made it into superhero games.

Who’s your favorite Red Ranger?

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Top 5 Gold Power Rangers of All Time #shorts

Every Power Rangers season begins with a core group of young heroes that learn to use their abilities and fight evil. As the evil they’re up against grows stronger, things change, and there comes a point where even the most heroic of Rangers need a little help. In nearly every season of the long-running series, that help has come in the form of a special Power Ranger, one who came by their abilities in a very different way.

These specialty Rangers tend to have grander abilities than their new teammates, more powerful weapons, and often, their own Zords to call upon. Some of them could even take on the evil villains and their minions singlehandedly, but others just aren’t up to snuff. Taking a look at all of the seasons of Power Rangers, we’ve got All Of The Special Rangers, Ranked Worst To Best.

Fifth place goes to Sir Ivan from Power Rangers Dino Charge.
A knight from the year 1215, Sir Ivan of Zandar lay dormant for centuries before being freed by the Dino Charge Rangers and becoming the Gold Dino Charge Ranger. As a ranger, Sir Ivan has superhuman strength and has a full arsenal of viable weapons, which includes his Ptera Saber. He is also capable of transforming into his Dino Drive and Dino Super Drive forms, giving him a bigger boost in power.

Even without his ranger suit, Sir Ivan is a knight. He has more combat experience than most teenagers with attitudes, and even wears the appropriate chain-mail for protection.

Fourth place goes to Levi from Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
Levi Weston is a famous country singer whose name provides a nod to Levi Strauss, the name of some of the most famous denim on the planet, and the old west. Levi, however, is just a stage name for Aiden Brody, big brother to one of the Ninja Steel Rangers and the Gold Ranger himself.

After first discovering the power of the Gold Ranger, Aiden was kidnapped, but managed to morph and escape. He spent a lot of time fighting monsters on his own before trying to rid himself of the gold ninja star by hiding it with someone else. As the other Rangers had to rescue that person from being kidnapped, Aiden stepped up and saved them all. He’s sure to become one of the most powerful Sixth Rangers the show has seen, even with a guitar for a primary weapon.

Third place goes to Aiyon from Power Rangers Dino Fury.
Talk about aliens becoming Rangers this season. Aiyon is one of the long-lost knights and best friends of Zayto. After discovering the Gold Ranger Power he joins the team and showcases some of the strongest powers any Ranger has ever shown. Also, have you seen how cool his suit is?

Second place goes to Antonio from Power Rangers Samuari.
Unlike the others who make up the Samurai team, Antonio (Steven Skyler) didn’t spend his entire childhood learning the ways of the Samurai. Instead, he became a fish seller by day and a tech genius by night. His lack of training initially means he’s not the best fit, but he’s a quick learner who is excited to do some good in the world, making him the best person for the job.

As the Gold Ranger, Antonio gets one great bit of power: he can move as fast as light. This means he can rip through his enemies with his sword before they’ve ever even realized he’s moved. Really, any fight should be over once he enters it, though some of their enemies prove a little more difficult to take down.

In first place it should be no surprise to anyone but Jason as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo is the best character to don the gold colors of a Power Ranger.

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Top 5 White Power Rangers of All Time #shorts

The rarest of the Power Rangers, the White Rangers are considered some of the greatest Rangers in the franchise.

The original White Ranger was first introduced in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series and was considered the seventh member of the team. Since then, some White Rangers have been introduced as their team’s sixth, or “special,” Ranger, while others have simply been a part of the core team.

Compared to other core Ranger colors, like Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, or Blue, White Rangers have appeared in the fewest TV series. Their appearances are scattered throughout the franchise, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Many Power Rangers who’ve worn white are considered some of the greatest Rangers in the franchise.

Fifth place goes to Dominik from Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
Beyond the Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers, the Jungle Fury Rangers are identified as the animals they represent. The team features a Wolf Ranger, an Elephant Ranger, and more. Dominic Hargon is the series Rhino Ranger, but he’s technically considered a White Ranger.

Dom is quite the genius, but his goofy and immature attitude hides his intelligence. The other Rangers often overlook his capabilities and initially declined his request to join the team. Thankfully, when it counts, like in intense battles with Whirnado and Carnisoar, Dom shows his true skills as the Rhino Ranger.

Fourth place goes to Sam from Power Rangers SPD.
Power Rangers S.P.D. presents some pretty wild stories, even for this franchise. One of the strangest things to occur in S.P.D. is time travel. A young boy named Sam, who possesses natural powers like the ability to teleport objects, is recruited by the S.P.D. Rangers as a junior cadet.

Fifteen years in the future, an older version of Sam, one who would become the team’s Omega Ranger, experiences a future where the S.P.D. Rangers were defeated. In an effort to change history, this older Sam travels back in time to join the present-day S.P.D. Rangers. Future technology grants Sam powerful weapons like the Omegamax Cycle and an Omega Morpher that increase his strength and speed.

Third place goes to Alyssa from Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
Alyssa Enrilé is Wild Force’s White Ranger. Like her teammates, she commands multiple Wildzords, including the White Tiger, Elephant, and Deer. Aside from her tiger-like agility and combat skills with a baton, Alyssa is considered the friendliest and most caring member of the Wild Force Rangers.

She is very understanding and nurturing which leads her to become a kindergarten teacher, as shown in Wild Force’s finale, “The End of the Power Rangers.” In that episode, Alyssa recants her adventures as a Power Ranger to her students in the form of a fairy tale. Alyssa’s voice is the same as the narration voice heard throughout the series, implying that all of Wild Force may be seen through Alyssa’s point of view.

Second place has to go Trent from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
Unlike other Ranger morphers, the White Dino Gem morphs its user at random. When Trent Fernandez-Mercer discovers the gem in the lair of the evil Mesogog, he’s unwittingly transformed into the White Dino Thunder Ranger.

Because he didn’t receive his powers the same way the other Dino Thunder Rangers did, Trent serves as an anti-hero for much of the series, and an antagonist in the three-part episode “White Thunder.” Though the other Rangers distrusted him at first, Trent was eventually invited to join the team. He would help the Rangers defeat Mesogog and fought alongside them in Ninja Storm and S.P.D. crossover episodes.

In first place this should be no debate but Tommy Oliver from the Mighty Moprhin set the standards of the every White Ranger to follow.

The two-part Mighty Morphin episode “White Light” explores the mysterious creation of a new Ranger. The original Mighty Morphin team has their suspicions, and concerns, about who this new Ranger could be, but their worries disappear when the Ranger is revealed to be Tommy Oliver, former Green Ranger.

In order to boost the team’s power and put Rita’s evil forces on their heels, Zordon harnesses the White Light of Good. This pure power ensures that Tommy can never again be corrupted by Rita. With Tommy’s new White Ranger costume and abilities, he’s also promoted to team leader where he would remain for many subsequent Rangers series.

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Top 5 Pink Power Rangers of All Time #shorts

Since the Power Rangers franchise debuted in 1993, Pink has been one of the most popular colors on the team. Not every team has a Pink Ranger, but when they do, those Pink Rangers tend to end up at the forefront of a lot of the big storylines of the season. Kimberly Hart set the blueprint for the character in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and elements of her characterization have made it into almost every Pink Ranger ever since.

The Pink Ranger has the reputation for being the most feminine of the team, and often the weakest link. Over the years, a lot of Pink Rangers have been kidnaped, having a difficult time getting out of sticky situations without the rest of their team. That doesn’t always make them weak though – just in the wrong place at the wrong time. In fact, Pink Rangers tend to be the most open-minded and kind of the Rangers, but also the ones that take care of everyone else, despite not being in a leadership position, though there are a few exceptions. Some might even think of the Pink Ranger as the “mom friend” of the group.

Fifth place goes to Sydney from Power Rangers SPD
Sydney (Alycia Purrott) is much better of a Ranger and a friend than she first appears during her stint as a Pink Ranger. Initially spoiled and selfish due to her upbringing, Sydney thinks about herself before she thinks about the team, and despite all of her SPD training, she doesn’t even know her two o’clock from her nine o’clock the first time an audience sees her in a fight.

Fourth place goes to Kendrix from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.
Completely unprepared to be a Power Ranger, the Rangers aren’t even on Kendrix’s radar when she jumps through a wormhole to a distant planet, though by this point, the Power Ranger teams are legendary. She’s on a space colony trying to find a habitable planet for humanity when someone runs through a wormhole, looking for help to save her people. Kendrix and her friends end up pulling special swords from stones that make them a new version of the Power Rangers.

Third place goes to Kimberly from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
The very first Pink Ranger, fans would think she’d rank a little higher on the list. After all, nostalgia has to count for something, right? While she’ll always be number one in the hearts of fans, she’s not necessarily the best Ranger for any job, even if she is the only Pink Ranger to get her own comic book miniseries so far, and the only one to appear in every big screen version of the story.

Kimberly like her successor Kat, has a penchant for getting herself kidnaped or caught in the middle of a fight. Kimberly though does take on quite a few monsters on her own, finding herself unfairly targeted by Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. She’s able to get herself out of situations on her own plenty of times. She’s not someone who always needs to be saved, and she’s even capable of leading the team when necessary.

Second place goes to Rose from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
A certified genius, Rose spent much of her life learning all she could, even starting university courses at the age of eight. In addition to being able to build robots, she studied ancient legends, knows Morse code, and knows a thing or two about nuclear robotics (which is not just a field made up for the show). On top of all of that useful knowledge, Rose is also a capable fighter, taking on monsters throughout the series on her own multiple times. She’s also got a power in her genes – invisibility – making her nearly the best Pink Ranger of all time.

Jen had a pretty rough go of it at the start of the series. While she was the team leader and strategist, her boyfriend was actually the action man on the team. In fact, she almost didn’t make it into the Time Force because of the pressure during training, but he was the one who helped her through it. That Red Ranger was killed in the line of duty, kicking off the events of the series. While her emotional response to his death is to get vengeance, which makes her singularly focused some of the time, it also motivates her to do the right thing for the people of the future, no matter what. Even if that right thing means she might have to sacrifice her own future for the greater good.

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