Top 5 Red Power Rangers Of All Time #shorts

The life of a Power Ranger comes with its challenges. These heroes have to support their friends, live a double life, battle off weekly incursions from extradimensional invaders, and coordinate a giant robot’s punches and kicks as they battle against equally giant monsters.

Fifth place goes to Jack from Power Rangers SPD.
I wish I liked Jack better. There’s a lot going for his character, especially his ultimate decision to give up being a Ranger in favor of helping the poor. However his track record of being a Red Ranger… isn’t great. His worst moment was that time he thought it was better to hang out with a girl he had just met than saving the universe. Come on, man!

In fourth place, I have Andros from the Power Rangers in Space.
Who escaped Divatox, Lord Zedd, and Rita Repulsa? Andros. Even more impressive, this feat was part of Andros’s introduction to the show, instantly cementing his place as one of the most interesting Red Rangers in franchise history.

A fantastic combatant who led the Rangers to victory against deadly foes like the Psycho Rangers, Andros is also petty, short-sighted, and sometimes too distracted by the childhood trauma of his sister’s kidnapping to fulfill his duties properly. Though these weaknesses compromise his ability to lead, they also make Andros a far deeper Red Ranger than many in the franchise, and one of the most interesting Rangers overall.

Third place goes to Conner McKnight as the Red Dino Thunder Ranger.
Conner McKnight was neither the best team leader of his season, given that Tommy was at the reins. Nor was he a good or likable person when he first appeared, being sexist towards Kira and generally kind of a jerk.

The upside to this bad beginning, and the reason that Conner should count amongst the greatest Reds, is that Conner changed. He realized the error of his ways, made amends where could, and even opened up a series of soccer camps for others since he couldn’t fulfill his own dream of soccer stardom. Given that many Rangers change little, let alone to the extent that Conner did, McKnight’s transformation is a notable and necessary arc. Conner might not be coming to any feature films, but his contribution to Dino Thunder was immense.

Second place goes to Jason Scott from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The first Red Ranger of the modern era, Jason Lee Scott may also be the greatest Red Ranger of all time. As one of Zordon’s chosen warriors against Rita Repulsa, Jason served exactly as a leader should. He provided sound counsel when it was needed, remained a stalwart friend through difficult times, and held more than his own in battles against the enemy.

Though his time as a Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers may have been brief, Jason used every moment of it to elevate the position of Red to the difficult and noble role that fans still associate it with to this day.

In first place I have Tommy Oliver as the Red Zeo Ranger.
As the Red Ranger on not one but two different teams (Zeo and Turbo), Tommy Oliver has one of the most distinguished Ranger careers. Tommy may understand the demands of the position better than anyone. Thanks to his guidance, the Rangers in Zeo became one of the strongest teams in franchise history.

While some may feel that his character appears a little too often in series lore, it’s hard to deny that whenever he appears, the story is better for it. Setting aside an evil alternate Tommy in the comics, Tommy Oliver’s loyalty to his friends and their mission has never wavered, and it shows. Given all this, it’s unsurprising Tommy made it into superhero games.

Who’s your favorite Red Ranger?

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