The rarest of the Power Rangers, the White Rangers are considered some of the greatest Rangers in the franchise.

The original White Ranger was first introduced in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series and was considered the seventh member of the team. Since then, some White Rangers have been introduced as their team’s sixth, or “special,” Ranger, while others have simply been a part of the core team.

Compared to other core Ranger colors, like Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, or Blue, White Rangers have appeared in the fewest TV series. Their appearances are scattered throughout the franchise, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Many Power Rangers who’ve worn white are considered some of the greatest Rangers in the franchise.

Fifth place goes to Dominik from Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
Beyond the Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers, the Jungle Fury Rangers are identified as the animals they represent. The team features a Wolf Ranger, an Elephant Ranger, and more. Dominic Hargon is the series Rhino Ranger, but he’s technically considered a White Ranger.

Dom is quite the genius, but his goofy and immature attitude hides his intelligence. The other Rangers often overlook his capabilities and initially declined his request to join the team. Thankfully, when it counts, like in intense battles with Whirnado and Carnisoar, Dom shows his true skills as the Rhino Ranger.

Fourth place goes to Sam from Power Rangers SPD.
Power Rangers S.P.D. presents some pretty wild stories, even for this franchise. One of the strangest things to occur in S.P.D. is time travel. A young boy named Sam, who possesses natural powers like the ability to teleport objects, is recruited by the S.P.D. Rangers as a junior cadet.

Fifteen years in the future, an older version of Sam, one who would become the team’s Omega Ranger, experiences a future where the S.P.D. Rangers were defeated. In an effort to change history, this older Sam travels back in time to join the present-day S.P.D. Rangers. Future technology grants Sam powerful weapons like the Omegamax Cycle and an Omega Morpher that increase his strength and speed.

Third place goes to Alyssa from Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
Alyssa Enrilé is Wild Force’s White Ranger. Like her teammates, she commands multiple Wildzords, including the White Tiger, Elephant, and Deer. Aside from her tiger-like agility and combat skills with a baton, Alyssa is considered the friendliest and most caring member of the Wild Force Rangers.

She is very understanding and nurturing which leads her to become a kindergarten teacher, as shown in Wild Force’s finale, “The End of the Power Rangers.” In that episode, Alyssa recants her adventures as a Power Ranger to her students in the form of a fairy tale. Alyssa’s voice is the same as the narration voice heard throughout the series, implying that all of Wild Force may be seen through Alyssa’s point of view.

Second place has to go Trent from Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
Unlike other Ranger morphers, the White Dino Gem morphs its user at random. When Trent Fernandez-Mercer discovers the gem in the lair of the evil Mesogog, he’s unwittingly transformed into the White Dino Thunder Ranger.

Because he didn’t receive his powers the same way the other Dino Thunder Rangers did, Trent serves as an anti-hero for much of the series, and an antagonist in the three-part episode “White Thunder.” Though the other Rangers distrusted him at first, Trent was eventually invited to join the team. He would help the Rangers defeat Mesogog and fought alongside them in Ninja Storm and S.P.D. crossover episodes.

In first place this should be no debate but Tommy Oliver from the Mighty Moprhin set the standards of the every White Ranger to follow.

The two-part Mighty Morphin episode “White Light” explores the mysterious creation of a new Ranger. The original Mighty Morphin team has their suspicions, and concerns, about who this new Ranger could be, but their worries disappear when the Ranger is revealed to be Tommy Oliver, former Green Ranger.

In order to boost the team’s power and put Rita’s evil forces on their heels, Zordon harnesses the White Light of Good. This pure power ensures that Tommy can never again be corrupted by Rita. With Tommy’s new White Ranger costume and abilities, he’s also promoted to team leader where he would remain for many subsequent Rangers series.

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